Laila Prytz Paintings

Here are a few pieces from Swedish artist Laila Prytz (1907-?). Unfortunately, I could not locate any biographical information on her, but will be on the look out. Her work, in particular her prints, bring to mind one of my favorite artists, Carlos Mérida (1891-1984); whom I plan on posting about soon.

Massai with Livestock, 1966, oil on hardboard, 47 x 55. Bukowskis Market

Spanish Fishermen Benidorm, 1963, gouache, 32 x 40. Kolonn Auction House, Sweden

Mexican Jungle, 1966, oil, 46 x 54. Metropol Auctions

Mexican Woman and Child, 6/40 porchoir

The 3 prints above are via Bukowskis Market

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