Dutch Glass Graphic Design

The following is a selection of graphic and package designs for the Maastricht and de Rupel glass factories.

Brochure cover for Maastricht's 1958 "Carnaval" range.

Inspired by the success of Homer Laughlin's multi-colored ceramic fiesta-ware line, Max Verboeket designed the "Carnaval" range of colored glassware for the Dutch glass factory Maastricht in 1956.

Above is one of several package designs, created by Maastricht's in-house graphic designer Ger Huntjens for the "Carnaval" range; earning him the "Gouden Noot" award for best packaging of the year in 1958.

"Carnaval" glass box set; one of several variations designed by Ger Huntjens.

Brochure for Maastricht's 1967 "Torsi" range. Translation: if you have a bird that lays golden eggs...

De Rupel (1925-1971) glassworks was located in the small town of Boom, Belgium. They began producing the "Arlecchino" line of colored glass fiesta-ware in response to the success of Maastricht's "Carnaval" line.

Images are via Hogelandshoeve, who specializes in vintage Dutch and Flemish glass.

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