Walter Womacka Peace Mosaic

East German artist Walter Womacka (1925-2010) created this mosaic titled Produktion im Frieden (Production in Peace) in 1965 for the exterior of the former Magnet Department Store in Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany. The building designed by Otto Lopp and Otto Schnabel was constructed in 1958-1960 and has since become the Linden Center, which houses a store and library. Originally known as Stalinstadt, Eisenhüttenstadt is a small industrial city on the border of Germany and Poland that was built in the 1950's by the GDR.

Image: Olga S.
Womacka mosaic on Lindenallee (Linden Avenue), Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany, circa 1970. via
1978 postcard showing mosaic. via
This stamp of Walter Womacka's Produktion im Frieden was issued in 1975. via

(L) Womacka in his studio, Spittelmarkt, Berlin, Germany. (R) Portrait of young Womacka. via

Walter Womacka, circa 2010. via

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