Roger Capron Wall Panels +

I am a big fan of Roger Capron's (1922-2006) work, so whenever I come across any of his pieces while "auction mining," I grab them to share. Most of these pieces were still available at the time of this post.

Impressed soleil wall tile plaque. 15.6" x 15.6". Chris Broc, sold- but many other great pieces available.

I posted about this piece previously, but I like it so much that I had to include it. This rare glazed ceramic wall sculpture by Roger Capron depicting a sun, was inspired by the collaborative work he created with Jean Derval for the Hôtel Byblos, Saint Tropez. It is available at Guéridon for $42K at the time of this post.

Wall plaque with impressed girl/kite motif, c. 1960's. Sam Kaufman, available at time of post.

Wall plaque with impressed woman motif, c. 1960's, France. Sam Kaufman, available at time of post.

Glazed ceramic tile wall panel depicting town/rooftops. 

Ceramic tile wall panel, 31.5" x 35.4" x 1.18". 1st Dibs Paris, available at time of post.

Ceramic "Navette" pattern tile wall panel, 23.6" x 60.2" x 1.18". 1st Dibs Paris, available at post.

Four wall panels designed by Gilbert Portanier, made by Capron. France, c. 1960-1970. 24" sq. Sold

"Navette" pattern tile wall panel. France, c. 1960's. 16" x 10" x .75". Guéridon, available at time of post.

Ceramic wall sconce with woman motif, France, 1965. 12"h x 3.9"w x 8"d. The Warehouse, available at post

Sculpted lamp base with which has been rubbed with engobe (colored slip), France, c. 1970. Wright, sold

Lamp base with impressed girl motif which has been rubbed with brown engobe, c. 1965. 13.75"h

Roger Capron (1922-2006).

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Laura Ottina said...

Wow, this series of posts about Capron is spectacular!

Mid-Centuria said...

Thanks Laura! I am glad you liked them. It is quite easy to do with Capron, he was so talented.

Urban Earthen said...

I think I may paint our cinder block wall alla Portanier - thanks

Mid-Centuria said...

I never thought of painting cinder blocks to make them look like ceramic tiles. Great idea!