My Dibs: Lounge Chairs

I have decided to start a series of posts titled "My Dibs" that will feature my selections from the 1st Dibs marketplace. I will post each category separately (i.e. lighting, chairs, wall decor). As I do with all items that I post about that are for sale, I will link to the "store front" and not the specific item in order to avoid "broken links" when the item has sold. This post features a selection of mid-century lounge chairs.

Adrian Pearsall, pair of lounge chairs, 1955, catalog no. 1209-C. Made by Craft and Associates. via

Alvar Aalto, "Tank" chairs, c. 1950's. via

Danish beech shell, c. 1950's. (nice chair- bad upholstery). via

Danish highback lounge chair with Knoll Textile upholstery, c. 1960's. via

Danish teak "Wingback" chair, c. 1960's. via

Finn Juhl, "Double Chieftain" chair, 1949. Made in the 1980's by Niels Roth Andersen. via

Finn Juhl, "Chieftain" chair, 1949 (made in 1970's), for Niels Vodder. via

Finn Juhl, teak and leather lounge chair for France and Sons, 1955. via

Hans Wegner, CH-25 lounge chair, c. 1950's. via

Hans Wegner, Oak Paddlearm chair for Getama, c. 1950's. via

John Behringer, aluminum 4-seater bench, c. 1960's, for JG Designs. (nice bench- bad upholstery). via

Pair of Dux "scissor" lounge chairs designed by Folke Ohlsson, c. 1959. via

Scandinavian rosewood chair, c. 1960's. via

Vladimir Kagan, "Contour" chair, 1953, model no. 175D. via


jamie@midcenturymania said...

Okay, can I just have ONE of those??
You can't have dibs on ALL of them! Gorgeous, every last one of them.

jimintheozone said...

Do you Remeber the price on the Kagan 175d chair?

Mid-Centuria said...

Hey Jim- Sorry I don't.