Marianne Starck Ceramics

German ceramist Marianne Starck (b. 1931) was the art director for the Danish pottery company Michael Andersen & Son from 1955 until 1993 when the business was sold. During her career she crafted unique studio pieces as well as designed items for mass production. Below is a selection of Marianne's work.

Birds in a tree plaque, 12.5" x 8.25". Marked no 6354. (Current known as relief No. 6)

Tree/Flowers plaque, marked no 6222. 6.35" x 5.5" x 1". eBay at time of post

Left: Feeding bird plaque (This design is currently known as relief no. 10), 11.5" x 6".  RetroPottery
Right: Bird motif plaque, no production number. 17" x 4.5".  Frejasway Ceramics, sold

Bird plaque, marked no 6267. 7" x 10".  Frejasway Ceramics

Stoneware flower plaque, 9.8" dia x .8". Antik Modern

Abstract plaque, marked no 6356. 11.8" x 9" x .75". Hos Kamma, Denmark

Left: "Persia" crackle glaze plaque. This glazing technique was created by Daniel F. Andersen in 1935.
Right: "Persia" crackle glaze plaque. 16.5" x 5.5" x 1".  Labeled 441/4. Hi + Lo Modern, sold

"Persia" crackle glaze vase with girl motif, marked no 5775. 9" x 4". Frejasway Ceramics

Crackle glaze dish with Marianne Starck's signature style of illustration. 9.75" x 6" x 2".  Violettendencies

"Persia" crackle glaze dish with girl motif, 8" x 5". The End of History, NY

Cat plate 9.5" x 9.5"

"Persia" crackle glaze dish, marked no 6227-1. 7" diameter.  eBay at time of post

Cat figure, marked no 5898, 6" long x 5" tall.  Scandinavian Treasures via Ruby Lane

Bird figure, marked item 907.  7"L x 3.25"H. Frejasway Ceramics, sold

Bird motif bowl, marked no 6428. Image courtesy Ray Garrod at

Image courtesy Ray Garrod at

Michael Andersen & Son pottery was founded by ceramist Jens Michael Andersen (1859-1931), who honed his craft at Hjorth Pottery before starting his own company in 1890. He set up shop in the town of Rønne located on Bornholm, a small Danish island in the Baltic Sea. His four sons who were also trained potters worked in the factory along side him, most notably Daniel and Michael who eventually took over the business. With Marianne Starcks direction the company became very successful in the production of art pottery. Jens Andersen's grandson, Svend Michael, who joined the company in 1961, sold the business in 1993.  The business is now owned by ceramist Solveig Ussing, who downsized the larger factory into a smaller pottery studio.

Michael Andersen Studio Store, Rønne, Bornholm, Denmark

Owner and ceramist, Solveig Ussing


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