Klasema Art Gallery

Recently while searching for Dutch modernist artists I discovered the Klasema Art Gallery located in the Netherlands. They have an absolutely amazing selection of works on their website and I believe most are for sale. I picked my favorites, but as you can see I had a hard time limiting my selection!

 André Volten (Dutch, 1925-2002), geometric composition no. 66,1954

 André Volten (Dutch, 1925-2002), geometric composition no. 58,1953-54

Tom Gaughan, Happy Days, 1962

Joost Baljeu (Dutch, 1925-1991), geometric composition, 1954

 Adolphe Cieslarczyk (b.1916), Espace Brisé (Shattered Space), 1954

Léon Smets, Zeilwedstrijd (Regatta), 1966

 Nicolaas Warb (Dutch, 1906-1957), Cité de Rêve no. 183 (City of Dreams), 1950

Nicolaas Warb (Dutch 1906-1957), Sous Dominante (Sub Dominant), 1947.

 Renato Righetti (Italian, b. 1916), Composition, 1955

 Theo van Odyck, composition, 1954

 Silvano Bozzolini (Italian, 1911-1998), Enchaînement (Sequence), 1959

Bill Parker (American b. 1922), Pour Margaux, 1962

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