Ger Gerrits Paintings

Dutch artist Ger Gerrits was a notable figure in the promotion of abstract art in the Netherlands after WWII.

Composition no. 66 - Rising Elements, 1949, oil on canvas, 43" x 31". Paol & Co Fine Art

Hot Summer Cold Winter in the Universe, 1965, lithograph 68/100. Zeller Auction House, 2011

Composition no. 68, 1949, oil on canvas, 84 x 121 cm. via Ger Gerrits

Composition no. 64, 1949, oil on canvas, 80.5 x 100 cm. via Ger Gerrits

Composition, 1953, oil on board, 52 x 63 cm. via Ger Gerrits

Geometric composition, 1953, gouache, 60 x 80 cm. Klasema Art

"Kunst in Vrijheid" exhibition catalog, 1945, the first big contemporary art show in Netherlands after WWII.

Gerrit Jacobus Gerrits was born in Niewer-Amstel on December 24, 1893. He began his art studies under his father who was an amateur painter and continued his education at the Tekenschool voor Kunstambachten in Amsterdam. 

He participated in key exhibitions that sought to bring contemporary art back to post-war Netherlands including "Kunst In Vrijheid" (Art in Freedom) exhibition, the first big show after the war which featured contemporary art previously suppressed by the Nazis. He also co-founded the artist groups "Vrij Beelden" (Free Images) in 1946, "Creatie" (Creation) in 1950 and "Liga Nieuw Beelden" (New Images League) in 1955, which all sought to promote abstract art in the Netherlands. He died on July 5, 1965 at age 71 in Amsterdam.  For more of his work see his website.

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