Auction Mining: Ebay & Etsy

Here are some of my latest eBay and Etsy discoveries. Most items were still available at the time of this post so go out an get 'em!  Note: I put links to the store front not the specific items in order to avoid broken links.

Marcello Fantoni ceramic plaques, Fishermen (#01381), Musicians (#01379), 11.25" x 8.25". eBay at post

Marcello Fantoni dish (possibly leather), c. 1950, 10.75" x 5.75". eBay at time of post

Set of 4 Jaru tile wall plaques depicting jazz musicians, 31.75" x 7.625" each. eBay at time of post

Belart "Popcorn" still life plaque set. eBay at time of post

House of Ran Su wood wall art featuring harlequin dancers #'s 230 & 230b. eBay at time of post

Pair of "glass" bottle wall reliefs. I think these are Richter Artcraft pieces. 16" x 7". eBay at time of post

Bruno Zupan, Trojan Horse, c. 1960's, 28" x 34.5". eBay at time of post

R.G. Marsh Feiley, waterfront skyline, 1964, 21" x 31". eBay at time of post

Abstract reclining figure sculpture, patina metal with wood base, 8" x 3.5". eBay at time of post

Italian striped ceramic vase, 6.875"h x 7.5"w. eBay at time of post

Dumler & Breiden incised vase, marked 242/27, 10.5" x 4.5". Etsy at time of post

Guilded and incised candle holders, Italy, 5.5"h x 4.75"w. eBay at time of post

Cartens Tönnieshof handled-vase with sea life motif by Gerda Heuckeroth. Etsy at time of post


lavaguy said...

The pitcher with the sea live motif is not a pitcher but a handled vase. It was produced by Carstens Tönnieshof, form by Gerda Heuckeroth. It is known with some different decors.

Mid-Centuria said...

Hey Lava Guy- thanks for the information!