Valerio Adami Paintings

Italian painter/printmaker Valerio Adami (b.1935) developed an interest in art as a child and by the age of 16 was accepted into the Accademia di Brera in Milan. In 1959 he held his first solo exhibit in Milan and has since had numerous exhibitions around the world. Adami's figurative paintings with large areas of flat color separated by bold black strokes have both Pop Art and Cloisonnism influences. The Swedish poet Lasse Söderberg described the artist perfectly when he wrote, "Adami is the maestro of the unadulterated line."

Europa, 1989, acrylic on canvas, 78.3" x 58.3". Galerie Melki, Paris

Robespierre, 1989, acrylic on canvas, 36.2" x 28.7". Christie's, 2007

Weiner (Vienna), 1990, acrylic on canvas, 74" x 57.9". Christie's, 2008

Stanze, 2006, acrylic on canvas, 77.8" x 58". Christie's, 2008

Il Vecchio timido e l'Adulterio in Piscina, 1966, acrylic on canvas, 39.5" x 50.38". Christie's, 2008

Hippocrates, 1985, 31.5" x 23.8". Spaightwood Galleries, $1,500 at time of post

Riding Boots, 1992, serigraph, 59.8" x 28.3". GKM, 1,300 Euros at time of post

Fantasia per Violino, 1993, Serigraph, 43.7" x 28.7". GKM, 850 Euros at time of post.

Concerto, 1972, acrylic on canvas, 57.5" x 44.9". Christies, 2000

Ritratto di I. Babel (Portrait of I. Babel), 1972, acrylic on canvas, 45.7" x 35". Christie's, 2007

Carnets de Voyage, 2007, acrylic on canvas, 58.37" x 78". Christie's, 2010

Valerio Adami. Photo: Johan Persson

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