Óscar Domínguez Paintings

Óscar Domínguez (1906-1957) was a Spanish Surrealist painter whose works were inspired by Yves Tanguy, De Chirico and Picasso. During the 1940's, his paintings were strongly influenced by Picasso with whom he had become friends while living in Paris. His works created during this Picassian period are my favorite.

Femmes o Mujeres, 1942, oil on canvas. Christie's, 2006, $1,156,641

 Les Odalisques, 1945, oil on canvas. Sotheby's, 2007, $456,000

Silent Listener, 1943, oil on canvas. Via Cuidad de la Pintura

Le Peintre et son Modèle, 1945, oil on canvas. Christie's, 2007, $761,273

Femme sur Divan, 1942, oil on canvas. Christie's, 2005, $179,712

Mujer, 1941, oil on canvas. Via Cuidad de la Pintura

 Femme à l'Ecritoire, 1943, oil on canvas. Via Cuidad de la Pintura

La Máquina de Coser, 1943, oil on canvas. Christie's, 2008, $135,417

 Girl with a Skipping Rope, 1945, oil on canvas. Ivo Bouwman, The Netherlands

Composición con Fondo Azul, 1949, oil on canvas. Slovenská Národná Galérie

Tauromaquia, 1943, oil on canvas. Galería Gavar, Madrid

Tauromaquia, 1951, oil on canvas. Via Cuidad de la Pintura

 Tauromaquia, 1951. Via

 Corrida II, 1951, oil on canvas. Via Cuidad de la Pintura

Toros, 1950, oil on canvas. Stéphane Janssen Collection

Óscar Domínguez. via

Óscar Domínguez was born in 1906 on Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands. He was a self-taught artist who devoted himself to painting at a young age after suffering a serious illness which caused a progressive deformation of his face and limbs. His earliest paintings were primarily landscapes, but after moving to Paris in 1927 he became enamored with the works of Dali, Tanguy and Picasso. During the 1930's he became a member of André Bretón's Surrealist group and took part in many Surrealist shows. In the 1940's his paintings were heavily influenced by the works of De Chirico and Picasso; it has even been said that his paintings during this period were simply pastiches.

Sadly, Óscar Domínguez committed suicide on New Year's Eve 1957 by slitting his wrists in the bath. Patron of the arts, Marie-Laure de Noailles, with whom Domínguez had an affair with a few years earlier, arranged to have him interred in the Bischoffsheim family mausoleum in Montparnasse Cemetery.

Óscar Domínguez in 1956, the same year he committed suicide.

Above Left: The house in San Cristóbal de La Laguna where Óscar Domínguez was born. via
Above Right: Bischoffsheim mausoleum in Montparnasse Cemetery where Domínguez is interred.

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