Modernist Stained Glass

Religious imagery is usually the first thing that comes to mind when most people think of stained glass, yet there are many fine examples of glass used to create modernist images. It is a shame that this art form is not used more often (in the non-religious context that is), as nothing radiates color so brilliantly as glass. 

Tesla Radio stained glass advertisement created in the late 1940's. Passage Svetozor, Prague. Image via
Tesla Radio stained glass details. Images via left and right
Wide angle perspective of Tesla Radio window in the Passage Svetozor. Image via

Window created by Willem Heesen (1925-2007) in 1964. Almelo railway station, the Netherlands.
Wide angle perspective of Willem Heesen's window.

Railway station in Beroun, Czech Republic. click image to enlarge
Wide angle perspective of Beroun railway station.

De Bijenkorf located in The Hague, Netherlands is adorned with many stained glass windows that were created by artists Jaap Gidding (1887-1955) and Pieter Hofman (1885-1965) in 1926. I believe these particular windows, which line the stairwell, were created by Hofman.  Image via
Pieter Hofman, de Bijenkorf, detail 2. Image via
Pieter Hofman, de Bijenkorf, detail 3. Image via
Pieter Hofman, de Bijenkorf, detail 4. Image via
Wide angle perspective of stained glass windows in de Bijenkorf, the Hague. Image via

Dolores Hoffmann (b. 1937) created these windows for the lobby of the Tallinn TV Tower in Estonia. The tower was built for the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow. Bullet holes from a 1991 attempted coup of the tower by Soviet troops are still visible at the base, luckily the windows were saved.
Various close ups. Images via
Wide angle of Tallinn TV Tower windows. Image via

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