Modernist Stained Glass II

More stained glass works from around the world. If you missed my first post see it here.

Sun created by Franklin Art Glass using Blenko Glass; Blenko Visitor Center. Image via

The windows above were created around 1922 by Harm Kamerlingh Onnes (1893-1985), nephew of noted physicist Heike Kamerlingh Onnes, and are located in Huygens Laboratory at Leiden University. The top and center panels depict Prof. Pieter Zeeman and the bottom panel depicts Prof. Hendrik Lorentz. Images via

Angela Isola Maria Potticary, Musical Distortion, 2009, glass and lead, 1.5' x 2'.

Stained glass tray featuring a still life, discovered on eBay 2010.

The above windows depicting the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were designed in 1954 by Georg Meistermann (1911-1990) and are located in the Old Town Hall- Municipal Gallery for Modern Art in Wittlich, Germany. The bottom left photo is from a Meistermann exhibit titled "Die Kraft der Linie" (The Power of the Line) held in 2006 at the German Stained Glass Museum in Linnich.  The images are from here and here.

The above images are of a stained glass skylight at the V&D Department Store in Amersfoort, Netherlands. The building was designed by architect Jan Kuyt in 1934. The images are from here and here.

Wilhelm Teuwen (1908-1967), Three Seated Women, c. 1930's, Germany Stained Glass Museum

Stained glass depicting blown glass by Franklin Art Glass Studios: Blenko Visitor Center. Image via

Walter Womacka (1925-2010) created these windows in 1962 for Humboldt University in Berlin. Titled from left to right; Man and NatureMan and ScienceMan and the Cosmos. They each measure 1.9 x 4.9 meters.
Detail of Mensch und Kosmos
Detail of Mensch und Natur
Various details of Womacka's windows

Soviet industrial imagery on window in Grutas Park, Lithuania. Image via

Soviet stained glass imagery in Grutas Park, Lithuania. Image via

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