Mid-Century Ceramic Plaques

Today, I thought I would post an assortment of ceramic wall panels. Hope you enjoy them!
artist unknown, Berkeley 1969, ceramic tile plaque, 17" x 6.75". Look Modern, $350 at post

Stig Lindberg for Gustavsberg, c. 1950's, earthenware plaque, 38.5 cm sq. Quittenbaum Auctions (sold)

illegible signature, harlequin musician, c. 1950's-60's, glazed ceramic on wood, 36" x 16". eBay 2011

Panos Valsamakis, ethnic family, c. 1960's, ceramic tile panel, 22.75" x 31.5". Belvair (sold)

Panos Valsamakis, greek soldiers, ceramic tile panel, 22" x 19". Renaissance Man, $2200 at post

Fernand Léger, Composition au Vase de Fleurs, c. 1950-60, ceramic, 11.87" x 8.7". LA Modern (sold)

artist unknown / Rosenthal-Netter, c. 1970, ceramic tile, 10.25" x 6.25". GoAntiques $198 at post

Left: Maurice Chalvignac, c. 1950-60's, glazed ceramic on wood. eBay 2010
Right" Raymond Gallucci, c. 1950's, ceramic on wood, 26" x 11". Auerbach & Maffia, $1,250-2,500 at post

Hans Sumpf, Sun, c. 1985, ceramic plaque w/ tubular frame, 24" x 16.5". LA Modern (sold $600)

artist unknown- looks like Bjørn Wiinblad, c. 1960's, ceramic wall relief, 24.5" x 21.25". eBay 2011

Below is a wood relief (not ceramic), but I loved it so much I had to include it in this post!
 A. Tamme, c. 1950's, carved-painted wood, 24.5" x 40.25". Assemblage, $1,400 at post 

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