Marcello Fantoni Ceramic Cavemen & Beasts

These great ceramic cavemen and animal figures were created by Italian ceramacist Marcello Fantoni (b. 1915). I don't know much about them except pieces were made for Raymor and Gumps of San Francisco. If anyone has additional information on these pieces please let us know, we would love to share it.

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Marcello Fantoni was born in Florence, Italy on October 1, 1915. He began taking ceramic classes at the Institute of Art at Porta Romana when he was only 12 years old (1927). He studied under Carlo Guerrini, Libero Andreotti, Bruno Innocenti and Gianni Vagnetti, graduating as a "Maestro" of art in 1934. He established the Fantoni Ceramic Studio in 1936, which was located in a stable at Villa Fabbricotti in Florence. Marcello's work immediately received artistic and commercial attention in Italy and abroad. Unfortunately, due to the war he had to cease production. However, in 1946 after serving in the war, he resumed his craft with great creative and productive fervor. Over the next couple of decades Marcello's business grew and became largely successful. In 1970 he founded the International School of Ceramic Arts in Florence where he continues to work and teach. For more on Marcello Fantoni visit his website here.

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