Dutch Architectural Reliefs

I found these amazing wall reliefs while exploring mid-century Dutch design and architecture.
Frans Tuinstra (1923-2006),1956, exterior of Maastorenflat, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Image via

Frans Tuinstra (1923-2006), 1956, entrance of Maastorenflat, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Artist unknown, kids wall relief, Nijmegen, Netherlands. Image: Vermaas

Artist unknown, playing kids wall relief, Nijmegen, Netherlands. Image: Vermaas

Adriaan van der Weijden, Stieren (Bulls), 1959, Vinkeveen switching station. Image: Vermaas

Artist unknown, coffee and tea shop wall relief, Arnhem, Netherlands. Image: Vermaas

Bas van der Smit (b. 1915), Zeeman met Stuurrad (Sailors Wheel), 1953, Rotterdam

Julia Brändle (1928-1982), Klimmende Jongens (Climbing Boys), 1963, Rotterdam school gym exterior

Louis van Roode (1914-1964), Het Gezin (The Family), 1960, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Jan Bezemer (1907-1997), Vogels (Birds), 1960, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Carel Kneulman (1915-2008), Thalia, 1955, Thalia Theater, Rotterdam. Click here for 1957 photo.
Detail of Thalia wall relief.  Named after Thalia, the "goddess of theater."

On a side note: While surfing for images of architecture in the Netherlands, I came across Klaas Vermaas' Flickr page and spent hours looking at his photos. He has captured structures from pre-1900's to contemporary, so if you've got some time and love architecture it is worth a look- here.

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