Cliff May House: Alisal Ranch

This incredible home designed by Cliff May has been on the market for a while, so for those architecture buffs out there this is probably old news, but if you have not seen this mid-century gem- feast your eyes!

The above photos are from the listing agent's site and I believe they were taken by Scott Mayoral.

The home was even featured in Santa Barbara Seasons Magazine in 2008. Image via listing site.

This classic Cliff May California ranch-style home was built in 1968 on a hilltop overlooking Alisal Ranch in Solvang, California. In 2007 it was fully restored by current owner-architect Barry Berkus. The home features 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, 2 fireplaces, a swimming pool and a 3 car garage. The large open living spaces with floor-to-ceiling windows and exposed beam ceilings (finished with grape stakes) are unmistakably May. The home is currently listed at $1.75 Million. For more photos and information on the property click here.

Left to right: builder Ross W. Cortese, Cliff May and architect Chris Choate. Circa 1954.

Cliff May circa 1980's. via

Designer and builder Cliff May (1909-1989) is considered by most to be the creator of the California ranch-style home. What I find most remarkable about May is he never studied architecture in school and was not a registered architect his entire career. He designed and built his first home when he was just 23 after dropping out of San Diego State University where he was studying business and accounting. During his career, May designed over 1,000 custom homes and more than 18,000 tract homes were built following his house models.

Cliff May's homes embraced the outdoors and Southern California's temperate climate by creating living spaces that blurred the line between indoors and out. His design philosophy was to build out, not up and to create a living environment that was in harmony with the homeowner's California lifestyle. To accomplish this, he often integrated exposed beam ceilings, open floor plans and floor to ceiling windows which made the interior feel unconfined, livable and airy- as if you were actually outdoors. For more on Cliff May click here.

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