Architectural Reliefs & Murals

Here is another installment of architectural reliefs and murals from around the world.

Mural on exterior wall of a technical school in Oostende, Belgium. Artist unknown. Image via

Frau und Blume (Woman and Flower) by Heinz Mäde and Gert Pötzschig. Leipzig, Germany. Image via

Birds and sun mural on exterior of building, Singerstrasse, Berlin. Image via

Fritz Eisel (1929-2010), Volkstanz (Folk Dance), 1960, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany. Image via

Artist unknown, exterior ceramic abstract mural in Erfurt, Germany. Image via

Walter Womacka (1925-2010), Tauben und Weltkugel (Dove and Globe), 1967. Ceramic mural located above the entrance to the former German Democratic Republic government guesthouse in Berlin-Pankow. 
Image via
Image via
Wide angle view of former GDR guesthouse in Berlin-Pankow, Germany.

Below are images of Willy Mignot's, Ik Kom Ik Ga (I Come I Go), 1956, which adorns the exterior of a train station in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The building was designed by modernist architect Koen van der Gaast.

Vintage photo of the train station showing Willy Mignot's relief at below-left. Image via

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