Szabó Zoltán Paintings

Here is a selection of paintings from another fantastic Hungarian artist Szabó Zoltán, Angyalföldi (b. 1929).
Munkások (Workers), oil on fiberboard, 170 x 200 cm. via Pintér Auction House

Győzelem (Victory), 1984, oil on fiberboard, 240 x 160 cm. via Pintér Auction House

Lány Virággal (Flower Girl), 1995, oil on fiberboard, 120 x 100 cm. via Körmendi Galéria

Csendélet (Still Life), oil on fiberboard, 70 x 100 cm. via Képcsarnok

Csendélet (Still Life), 1976, oil on fiberboard, 160 x 137 cm. via Körmendi Galéria

Lovak (Horses), oil on fiberboard, 51.5 x 130 cm. via Báv, Budapest

Pálkövén Uszályok, 1999, oil on fiberboard, 137 x 161 cm. via Körmendi Galéria

Csendélet (Still Life), 1975, oil on fiberboard, 70 x 80 cm. via Képcsarnok

Szabó Zoltán via Körmendi Galéria
Hungarian artist Szabó Zoltán was born in the Angyalföld neighborhood of Budapest on February 5, 1929.  Angyalföldi usually appears before or after his name; I am assuming to distinguish him from other Szabó Zoltáns? He studied painting at the Hungary Academy of Fine Arts under Jenő Barcsay and Margit Gráber from 1951-1958. His work has been shown at several group and solo exhibitions since the 1960's and has won many awards including the Munkácsy-díj in 1969 (Hungarian state prize for fine arts). Szabó still lives in Budapest today.

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