Mosaic Panel Mystery: Stephenson Home

This fantastic Hispanic-themed mosaic, that previously resided in a Beverly Hills home designed by the late architect William Stephenson (noted for designing the Reagans' Palisades home), was recently acquired by a fellow blogger. Unfortunately, upon examination of the piece, she noticed there were no markings indicating its origins or maker, hence the title "mystery".  She/we would love to learn more about this piece, so if anyone has any additional insight or leads please let us know.  Here are the only facts that we have; it came from a Beverly Hills home designed in 1956 by William Stephenson, it measures 46" x 103" and is constructed of smalti and marble tile. That's it, so if you can shed some additional light on this wonderful mid-century artifact, please don't be shy. Post a comment or send an email to her or me. Here's her blog.

Here is a link to the MLS listing of the home it came from; you can see the mosaic in its original location (see photo below). On a sad note, this home is scheduled for demo...there goes another mid-century jewel!

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