Mid-Century Tapestries II

Here is another set of mid-century era tapestries that I have collected while art auction mining. Enjoy.
cubist nude tapestry by Rene Reno, 52" x 36". via Clark's Auctioneers (sold 2006)

roosters tapestry by UHR, 14" x 13". via Etsy (sold 2010)

bird tapestry by UHR, 12.5" x 12.75". via Etsy (sold 2010)

construction tapestry by José Alberto Saint Romain (1909), 1976, 160 x 200 cm. via Castells (sold)

jester and king batik tapestry set by Joanne Nackols, 1966, 18.75" x 6.75" ea. via Etsy ($20 at time of post)

Le Valet de Pique tapestry by Marc Saint-Saëns (1903-1973), 89 x 91 cm. Pillon Auctions (sold 2008)

Helice tapestry by Sonia Delaunay, ca 1970's, 76" x 64". via Vojtech Blau (available at time of post)

Torn & Paradisträd (Tower & Paradise Tree) tapestry by Stig Lindberg, ca. 1950's, 86" x 49.5". via mfa

Composition tapestry by Victor Vasarely (1906-1997), ca. 1960, 74" x 67". via Vojtech Blau ($15,000 at post)

lion tapestry by Borisov, ca. 1965, 23.5" x 45.5". via Skidstuff, NY ($200 at time of post)

Seaside tapestry by Donald Leake for ERA (Ackerman), 1965, 46" x 23". via Objects USA (sold)

kids animal tapestry, 32" x 15". via Etsy (sold 2010)

title and artist unknown. via

Valet de Trefle by Jean Picart le Doux (1902-1982), 1973, 60.5" x 40.25". via Whyte's Auctions

Ancient Britons tapestry by Ulster, 20" x 30.5".  via Etsy (sold 2010) 

Byzantinum tapestry by John Coburn (1925-2006), 80" x 71". via CRN Auctions (sold 2011)

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El Gato Gomez said...

Thank You Kevin. You are constantly redefining my vision of beauty.

Mid-Centuria said...

Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed these pieces.