Jim Bass Cubist Sculptures

American sculptor Jim Bass crafts these cubist inspired bronze sculptures from his studio-foundry near Topeka, Kansas. Over the last five decades Jim has produced several monumental works and small scale limited edition sculptures. His larger "public" pieces are produced from welded red bronze and finished with various earth tones. The smaller scale sculptures, produced in editions of less than ten, are cast in a white bronze alloy to which color is often added.
 Hopscotch Woman 2/5, 2002, Bronze, 8"H. Antique Helper (sold $225 in 2009)

Homage to Rugged Character 3/9, 1995, bronze, 8.5"H. Antique Helper (sold $400 in 2009)

Three Sided Head 2/9, 1990, bronze, 5.5"H. Antique Helper (sold $275 in 2009)

Left: Cubist Head, ca. 2000, 6"H w/ base.  Right: Woman's Head: Dutch Cut, ca. 2004, 6"H w/ base

Prairie Banners, ca 1980's, bronze, 10.5"H x 18"W with base 

Reclining Woman, ca. 1980's, bronze, 4.75"H with base

Flowing Hair Head #1, ca. 1980's, bronze, 10"H with base

2009 Exhibition at the Community Art Gallery, Kansas City, MO.

Celebration of the Midwest Family, 1981, welded bronze, Leavenworth Mutual Savings. via

L to R: Refining wax image, dipping in ceramic slurry, putting bronze ingots in crucible, molten bronze
Pouring the molten bronze. via

Left: Deburring the casting.   Right: Polishing the bronze casting to highlight its qualities.

Jim Bass with an assortment of castings

To see more of Jim's work check out his website here. For more photos of Jim's foundry-studio have a look at this set on flickr.  All images via Jim Bass' site except where noted.

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