Art Mining: Mid-Century Etsy & Ebay Picks

I may start a series of posts titled "Art Mining" that feature mid-century pieces that are available for purchase on various sites such as art galleries, Etsy, Ebay and antique online stores.  The following are some cool pieces that are available on Ebay and Etsy at the time of this post. In order to avoid "broken links" in the future, I have linked to the store front containing the item only, not to the specific items page. Hope you enjoy these!
Abstract figure painting, signed but illegible, 16" x 12" canvas. Etsy $385

Rissone, King, 1969, mixed media on paper, 27" x 20". Ebay buy it now $245

Edgar A. Stareck, San Francisco skyline, ca. 1960-70's, oleograph, 27.5" x 51". Etsy $199

Robins, 1960, print on fabric, overall framed size 21.75" x 15.5". Ebay list price $29.95

Ann Williams, Peacocks in the Snow, 1962, woodblock print 7/10, 12" x 9.25". Ebay buy it now $169

Set of Matador enamel wall plaques, 28" x 11" overall size. Etsy $585

Dancing figures in the manner of Frederic Weinberg, ca. 1950's plaster, 22" x 13" x 1". Ebay listed at $350

Pair of cat wood veneer wall hangings, 28" x 12" each.  Ebay buy it now $130

Pair of printed linen tapestries featuring lutist & jester, ca. 1950-60's, 34" x 17". Ebay list price $9.99

Pair of Belart walnut plaques featuring still life imagery, 24" x 6" x .875". Ebay buy it now $169

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