Philip Burnham Hicken Art

 Stone Pier, 1966, oil on canvas, 29 x 50.75 in., Carl W. Stinson Auctions (2010)

Scorched, ca. 1960's, oil on canvas, 15 x 21 in., Carl W. Stinson Auctions (2010)

Bridge, ca. 1955, color serigraph, 14 x 19 in., Annex Galleries ($500 at time of post) 

Left: Nocturne, ca. 1955, color serigraph, 24.125 x 10.25 in., Annex Galleries ($750 at time of post)
Right: Bachelor Buttons, color serigraph, Artists Association of Nantucket

Photos via Artists Association of Nantucket. Right photo: Beverly Hall

Philip Burnham Hicken (1910-1985) was an American printmaker, painter and teacher born in Massachusetts on June 27, 1910. He studied at the Massachusetts School of Art. During the 1930's he created works for the WPA. Hicken taught at the Harvard Graduate School of Design as well as Boston University. In 1957 he became the Chairman of the Fine Arts Department at the Art Institute of Boston. During the early part of his career he created mostly representational art, but moved toward abstraction during the 1950's. Philip's work has been exhibited across the U.S. and is held in the collections of Universities and Museums.


Anonymous said...

Phil was my mentor. - Amoroso

Mid-Centuria said...

Amoroso? Are you Jack Amoroso, the artist?