Mid-Century Tapestries

Mathieu Mategot. Evolvere, ca. 1962, tapestry, 88 x 156 in., LA Modern (sold in 2008)

 Alexander Girard, Girls, 1972, screenprint on cotton, 47 x 65 in., Treadway Gallery (sold 2010)

Jag, 1972, tapestry/wall hanging, 54 x 71 in., Objects in the Loft, Florida ($1500 at time of post)

I thought I would post some of the mid-century tapestries I have found. To be honest, I am not a big fan of tapestries, but when I see pieces like these I begin to think I may change my mind. 

 artist unknown, abstract triptych printed tapestry. flickr find (jdip2010)

Vouga?, abstract, ca. 1935, wool tapestry/ rug, 47 x 61 in., Nazmiyal Collection ($11,000 at post)

After Alexander Calder, C.A.C Publications/Bon Art, 1975, woven jute, Wright (sold for $10,625 in 2010)

Alexander Girard, Black and White, 1971, by Herman Miller, 61.5 x 48 in., Treadway Gallery (sold 2010)

Ben Cunningham, Design for a Tapestry, ca. 1940, 36 x 20 in., Wright Auctions (sold for $1,180 in 2004) 

Carlos Merida, abstract tapestry, ca. 1965, 73.5 x 37 in., LA Modern, October 2010

Claude Bleynie, J.F.D., ca. 1950-60's, wool tapestry, 41 x 77.5 in., Anne Hauck Art Deco ($4,500 at post)

Rene Fumeron, Barge Rousse, ca. 1950, tapestry, 64 x 99 in., Vojtech Blau ($38,000 at time of post) 

signed Marc, ca. 1950-60's, 3 wool tapestries, various sizes, Chez Camille ($4,400 at time of post)

 signed JS, ca. 1950-60's, framed wool tapestry, 84 x 45 x 2 in., Pierre Anthony ($17,000 at post)
Stig Lindberg, screenprint on velvet tapestry for NK dept stores, ca. 1960's, Sam Kaufman (sold)  

Theo Kerg, Sails in the wind, 1955, wool tapestry, 68 x 94.5 in., Anne Hauck Art Deco ($29,000 at post)

Jean Gillon, abstract wool tapestry, 44 x 51.6 in., Passado Composto, Brazil

If you got to this point and wondered where all the Evelyn Ackerman tapestries are...well, I plan on doing a post dedicated to her tapestry work so I thought I would wait till then. Keep an eye out for it.

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