Practical Encyclopedia of Good Decorating 1970

If you haven't already seen the Flickr set of the 1970 book "Practical Encyclopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement" uploaded by Sandi Vincent, have a look here. Whenever I look at old publications I try to spot familiar artwork and decor; while clicking through this set I found a few pieces that I recognized.
The above image shows an Ackerman carved wood panel that I came across at ModCats, see the piece below.
For more of Ackerman's woodcarvings see my post here.
Evelyn Ackerman, 1954, carved wood wall panel, 9.5 x 39 in. via ModCats (sold)

Another Ackerman piece; this time, a hooked wall hanging titled Garden created in 1963. Below is the same design in the "cool" colorway spotted at LA Modern Auctions; Evelyn would create her designs using either a "warm" or "cool" color palette so home owners could better match their decor.
Evelyn Ackerman, Garden, 1963, hooked wall tapestry, 36 x 24 in., LA Modern Auctions, 2003

A woodcut print titled Fighting Cock #3 by Walter Henry Williams (1920-1998) hangs on the wood panel wall in this photo. The same print sold for $2000 at a Treadway Gallery auction in September of 2008.
Walter Henry Williams, Fighting Cock #3, 1963, woodcut edition of 200, 20" x 25", Treadway Gallery

I just posted about the set of Finn Juhl colored drawers seen in this photo. See it here.

There are also some great illustrations in the set. I always wonder if the artist was working from a photo or just created the settings from his/her imagination. Below are a few of my favorites.

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