David Klein Travel Art

David Klein (1918-2005) was an American artist, best known for the award-winning travel posters he created for TWA during the 50's and 60's. During his prolific career as a commercial artist he also produced works for Broadway shows, Hollywood films, various books and the military. I picked a few of my favorite travel pieces to share, you will notice that some are Klein's original paintings. Enjoy.

David Klein in his studio circa 1957

David Klein was born in El Paso, Texas on February 23, 1918. He moved to California to study at the Art Center School in Los Angeles. While serving in the Army during WWII he produced a variety of illustrations for the Armed Forces.  Following the war Klein moved to New York City where began creating posters and window cards for various Broadway productions. During the 1950's and 60's he created some of his most influential work for the travel industry.  Most notable were the brightly-colored abstract posters he created for Howard Hughes' Trans World Airlines; one of which became part of the permanent collection of the MoMA in New York. In 2000, the internet travel company Orbitz hired Klein to produce a series of posters that resembled his iconic work for TWA.  He worked as a commercial artist almost to the end of his life, but during his 70's he returned to his artistic roots and focused on watercolor paintings. He passed away in 2005.  For more information about David and to see more of his fantastic work, visit his website here.

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