Willy Van der Meeren Furniture

Willy Van der Meeren (1923-2002) was a Belgian architect and furniture designer, who was once a pupil of Le Corbusier. During the 1950's Willy designed some amazing pieces for Tubax, a manufacturer known for it's role in pioneering modernism in Belgium. Van der Meeren believed in the simplicity of design and once said: "I am not an artist, nor a designer, I am a builder...If I did not build, I would not be a designer. That's why I cannot make anything that is superfluous".
Sideboard cabinets, ca. 1955. via J.F. Chen, Los Angeles

F1 Chair, ca. 1950's. via No Brown Furniture, London (for sale 2 for $2,750)

Large wardrobe cabinet, ca. 1952. via Furniture Love, Belgium

T1 Chairs and T2 Table, ca. 1950's. via City Furniture, Begium

Hanging cabinets, ca. 1950's. via 1stdibs Paris (for sale at time of post)

Student writing table, ca. 1953. via Furniture Love, Belgium

Boomerang nesting tables, ca. 1950's

Office desk, ca. 1950's. via Furniture Love, Belgium

F1 Tangram Table, ca. 1950's. via Bloomberry, Netherlands

Office desk, circa 1950's. via Uccle Saint-Job, Belgium


Australian Modern said...

Thanks for posting this. Beautiful furniture.

Mid-Centuria said...

Hey Aussie Modern- glad you liked the post and your welcome!