Russian Constructivist Paintings: Metropolis

 Russian artist unknown, Half Nude Woman, ca. 1910-1940, 38 x 25 in., Anne Hauck Art Deco, $12,500

Russian artist unknown, Portrait of a Woman, ca. 1910-1940, 30 x 26 in., Anne Hauck Art Deco, $12,500

The above paintings were recently posted on the Anne Hauck Art Deco store and were available at the time of this post for $12,500 each.  They are listed as artist unknown, probably because the signatures are illegible. The lettering is Cyrillic, hence it is known the artist was Russian. They are in the Russian Constructivist style, a movement that lasted from 1913 untill the 1940's and was characterized by geometric abstraction with an emphasis on modernity and industry. Because of their admiration for machines and technology, members of the Constructivist movement were referred to as "artist-engineers".  

The paintings remind me of imagery from the 1927 movie "Metropolis".  The elements of the face in the paintings are so similar to the ones from the movie, I am almost convinced they were directly inspired by them.  Have a look for yourself.

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