Still Life Mosaic Panel

This Mid-Century style mosaic appears on page 68 of the "Beatsville" book by Martin McIntosh.   The photo is from atomicpear's flickr, who purchased the piece on ebay.  What a great find! Unfortunately the artist is unknown, so I can't get one for myself.  If anyone has information on the artist who created this mosaic, please let me know!


Gretchen said...

Greetings from Sacramento, CA. Loving your wonderful blog -- imagine my surprise when I saw this -- it's me, atomicpear aka :)

From a 4.18.10 personal correspondence last year with Jerome + Evelyn Ackerman of they believe this piece was done by their associate Sherrill Broudy. I do hope someone can positively identify this some day or that I run across it during my research.

Keep up the great work, so glad you are covering MCM art! Best, Gretchen

Mid-Centuria said...

Hi Gretchen, Firstly, thanks for the kind words and stopping by my blog!

This mosaic is probably one of my all-time favorites. I have been on the look out for others like it since spotting yours and have yet to see anything close... a testament to your find! Please let us know if you discover any additional information.

Gretchen said...

Happy to stop by -- your blog is fantastic!

I will definitely let you know if I ever solve this mystery. I wound up doing a post on my blog about it too:

Thanks again, Gretchen