János Török Ceramic Figures

Sun Worshipper, Zsolnay, Hungary

The Thinker, Zsolnay, Hungary

Star Glazer, ca. 1964, Zsolnay, Hungary 

Relaxation, ca. 1962, Zsolnay, Hungary

Seated figure, Zsolnay, Hungary

Deco Harpist, Zsolnay, Hungary

Seated figure with vase, Zsolnay, Hungary

Piper, Zsolnay, Hungary

Lovers, Zsolnay, Hungary

The mid-century abstract ceramic figures and biomorphic style sculptures János Török created for Zsolnay during the 1960's are fantastic.

János Török (1932-1996) was a Hungarian ceramic artist born in Mezőtúr, Hungary. He studied under notable ceramicists Miklós Borsos and István Gádor. After graduating from college in 1956 he began working at the Zsolnay Factory in Pécs Hungary. During his career János created a variety of other items including memorials and sculptures.

Zsolany is still producing a few of his mid-century pieces which can be purchased at the U.S. distributor site here.

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