Brent Bennett Ceramics

Brent Bennett is a California ceramic artist whose career started over 5 decades ago when he began working as an apprentice for Raul Coronel (see my post on Raul here). He has created a wide variety of pieces including; fountains, vessels, lamps, tables and wall reliefs. Bennett's pieces have an organic quality imparted through his use of hand carved surface textures, plant-inspired motifs and shapes, as well as glazes that reveal the underlying earthen structure. Most of these images are from an exhibit held in 2005 by NOHO Modern.

 Brent Bennett, hanging lantern, 51h x13w in., NOHO Modern sold.

Brent Bennett, pedestal table and stools, Rago Auctions, April 2010

To see more of Brent Bennett's ceramic pieces head over to his website BJB Designs here.  For additional photos of the NOHO Modern exhibit on Bennett click here.  If you are interested in purchasing some of Brent's work NOHO Modern usually is a good place to start.


Janine said...

love this artist. thanks for introducing him to us!!

Mid-Centuria said...

Your very welcome Janine