Allen Noonan Originals

The two pieces above are via flickr.
Images courtesy "Junkgirl's Journey" blog. They are part of her personal collection of Noonan Originals.

These two strange Noonan pieces are also part of "Junkgirl's" collection.

After I saw one of these "Allen Noonan Originals" pieces, I began searching for more information on the artist. I am not positive, but I think it may be the same Allen Noonan who founded the UFO religion "The Industrial Church of the New World Comforter"...ah yes, that is the name. The Allen Noonan who started the church used to be a pictorial sign painter and since the materials used to create the pieces are common items a sign maker would have, i.e. particle board and paint, I am led to believe it is the same person.

Anyway, back to the art.  For me, these are one of those types of items you like but don't know why?  They are made from particleboard and fiberboard, which are kinda cheap looking but I still like them nonetheless. They come up on ebay from time to time and sell for much more than you might think, for instance, the set of clowns sold for $180 and the still life with the decanters (on the R side above the ethnic couple/set) sold for $230.  If anyone has additional info on Allen Noonan or has an "Allen Noonan Originals" piece they would like to share, please contact me.


Junkgirl said...

Hi! I found your site looking for more of Allen Noonan's work. I own six pieces--in fact, I own the first two of the wine bottles that are on your page. I had the opportunity to buy more, but I've passed some up, as I didn't love them as much as the ones I own. I got all six of my pieces in Long Beach, and four of them are abstract, which I haven't seen as much in his work. I contacted Atomic Ranch magazine, and they also believe that he's the UFO man. If you'd like to see the abstracts I own, I'd be glad to share some pictures.

Junkgirl said...

Hi! I just wanted to share with you an interesting comment that I got on my blog post today. This was submitted by an anonymous reader.

"I am sure these are originals from the same Allen Noonan who founded the One World Family Commune. I was part of that group years ago and knew Allen until his death last March 25th at the age of 93. He was an amazing human being who was committed to a world where "only good things are happening for everyone every day." This is one of the last things he said to me shortly before he died and while in a lot of pain."

Thanks for posting my pictures, too!

Mid-Centuria said...

Hey Junkgirl, Thanks for additional comment and insight on Noonan.

Mark said...

I have 3 AN O,s. I do not know what series they would be called, but look like little space creatures. Looking to find approx. value.

Mid-Centuria said...

Hey Mark,

I am not by any means an expert, but depending on the size of the pieces and the design, I have seen then go from $100-250.

I would love to include your pieces on the blog- if you'd email me some photos.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm Allen Noonan's son, and have a few pieces at my house. He changed his name to Allen Michael in the Seventies, and continued to produce art till two years before his death. The Commune he started has a web-sight still:
Some of my favorite work that his did was made in the eighties. He use Mirrored Plexiglas to make large mondalas, that were over a velvet background with a hardwood frame. I wish I still had some of those pieces. They mostly disappeared as they were usually 6' x 6', and were often given away during a move.
I posted some photos of him and his art here:

Mid-Centuria said...

Thanks for information on your father and the link to images of him...I tried the link, but it seems to be broken. Can you email me the link? Thanks again!!