Evelyn Ackerman Mosaics

(Top Left)  Hot Bird #201, 1957, 37 x 13 in.,  LA Modern
(Top Center)  Bird #202, 1957, 37 x 13 in.,  LA Modern
(Top Right)  Partridge #101, 1957, 37 x 13 in.,  LA Modern
(Middle Left)  Birds in a Cage, 1958,  LA Modern
(Middle Center) Juggler, 1955, 31 x 11 in.,  Reform Gallery
(MIddle Right)  Byzantia Night, 1958, 37 x 12.75 in.,  LA Modern (sold in 2010 for $2,000)
(Bottom Left)  Adhara, 1958, 60 x 13 in.,  LA Modern (sold in 2009 for $2,000)
(Bottom Center) Puerta, 1959, 48.5 x 13 in.,  LA Modern (sold in 2010 for $3,750)
(Bottom Right) Abstract Compostion, 1950's, 60.5 x 12.75 in.,  Treadway Gallery

Evelyn Ackerman, Rain, 1955,  Private collection

Evelyn Ackerman, Sagittarius, 1950's,  Objects USA

Evelyn Ackerman, Leo, 1950's,  Objects USA

Evelyn Ackerman, abstract #403, 1950's, 31 x 11 in.,  LA Modern

Evelyn Ackerman, Ellipses, 1958, 60.5 x 12.75 in.,  LA Modern (sold in 2008 for $2,600)

Evelyn Ackerman, Pennants, 1958,  Ackerman Modern

Evelyn Ackerman, Mermaid, 1957,  via Urban Picker blog. Thanks Tracy!

Evelyn Ackerman, Vikings, 1950's, 48.5 x 12.75 in.

Evelyn Ackerman, Gallant Horse #506, 1958, 37 x 17 in., LA Modern (sold in 2009 for $1,800)

Evelyn Ackerman, Horse, 1950's, 28.5 x16.5 in.

Evelyn Ackerman building mosaics at the Jenev Design Studio, 1950's. Photo: Milton Lipton

Evelyn Ackerman outside the Jenev Design Studio, Los Angeles, 1950's.  Photo: Bob Buckman

Jerome and Evelyn Ackerman were prolific artisans who virtually defined Mid-Century Modern home decor. The husband and wife team decided to go into business after attending a modern design exhibition in 1949, where they encountered the design duo of Charles and Ray Eames. Jerome recalls, "If the Eames can do it, why can't we?"; so they opened the Jenev Design Studio (a combination of their names) in West Los Angeles. They began producing slip-cast ceramics and eventually expanded their offering to include a  wide variety of home decor and architectural elements. The business name changed to ERA Industries in 1956. 

While they worked in a variety of media such as wood, metal and textile, my favorite has to be Evelyn's mosaics. Evelyn began creating mosaic panels and tables in 1955 after seeing a mosaic piece at an exhibition in San Francisco. In order to allow her to focus on design and keep up with demand, they established a workshop in Mexico that would build the mosaics.  She would create a full sized drawing and color reference chart for each design and send it to the workshop to be produced. Today her mosaic panels are highly sought after, selling for thousands of dollars at auction. If you are interested in learning more about this quintessential Mid-Century design team check out their website here.


Urban Picker said...

Love Evelyn Ackerman's mosaics! Her mermaid which I am lucky enough to own is the header on my blog, www.urbanpicker.blogspot.com.
She was a gift from afriend who thought the meramid reminded them of me!

Concetta said...

Gosh, they are amazing. I had never heard of her before. Thank you for showing us.

Mid-Centuria said...

Glad you enjoyed them and thanks for stopping by!